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#1. Readying Cheeky For Her Delivery Passage From Sydney To Melbourne

Yikes!..I'm not good at this stuff. I seem to always take ten times as long as the next guy to fix anything that requires mechanical know how.

Probably because, well, I know nada, nix, tiddly squat.

Cheeky's anchor chain needed replacing. It was very rusty. I was suspicious when I learned that the chain was only 5 years old. I called Muir to ask how I determine the correct chain for this anchor winch..."The chain size is stamped on the UNDERSIDE of the gypsy" they said. So I removed the chain, dismantled the winch and lifted up the gypsy...nap - no stamp!

I jumped in the car and went to the Muir depot and spoke to a very helpful fellow who quickly wrapped a couple of different sizes of chain around the gypsy. Bingo!...It seems that the chain should have been 13mm instead of the 10mm that was previously used - hence the chain damage and premature rusting.

I then called a chain wholesaler to order a drum (64 metres) of 13mm Short Link Grade L chain that weighs 4kg per metre...The drum (about the weight of three overweight blokes) was to be lowered into the boot of my friend's Land Cruser. Next problem - moving 256KG of chain from the marina car park to the boat!


Captain Andy

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